When designing Limoni I always think about the amazing feeling you get when putting on that fresh holiday outfit. Whether you're on a beach in southern Italy or dressing yourself for work on a Tuesday, Limoni should add that extra bit of spice to your life (or at least it does for me).
Limoni garments are handmade by me in Australian home. I care deeply for the environment and social causes and I hope that my small business practices reflect that! All of my handmade pieces are made to order in an effort to reduce waste and I'm currently raising money for One Girl through the profits of our silk scarves. Our hats and scarves are made in offshore factories that also implement ethical practices that ensure safety and living wages for their workers.
I'd like to thank you for supporting a small, female owned business.
All my love,
Cat xx

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"Limoni is the Australian label embodying a European summer aesthetic"